PO-RALG Representatives Trained on SDGs In Dododma

Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform in collaboration with Policy Forum conducted two days’ workshop training to twenty four (24) President’s office Regional Administration and Local government representatives from different departments in Dodoma. The training main objectives were to equip President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) management with the knowledge of the SDGs and defining its roles and mandatetowards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
During the training, TSDP representative explained on the role of the platform in spearheading the implementation of SDGs by CSOs in Tanzania, and identified major goals that are implemented including Zero Hunger, No poverty, Gender equality and reduced inequalities. Further, the transition from MDGs to SDGs was elaborated whereby the main difference between the two is MDGs focused more to the developing countries while SDGs all globally focused, as well as the interrelation and the alignments between National Five Year Development Plan II (2016/17-2020/21) and Sustainable Development Goals and other macro policies such as Tanzania Development vision (TDV) 2025.
Data coherence between Governments institution was highlighted as a major challenge hence requested a capacity building. Policy Coherence is important in ensuring the implementation of the Macro plans such as SDGs, FYDP II, and TDV 2025 are implemented. Also SDGs awareness is still at low level hence the incapacities of data interpretation within PO-RALG.
Poverty Eradication Department (PED) representative identified that there is inadequate coordination at both national level (horizontal-among ministries, civil society organizations, and the private sector) and at the local level (vertical-among individuals and government and local government and central government).

Apart from PO-RALG, other key actors on SDGs were identified with their respectively key roles such as the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Planning Commission, and the National Parliament. Civil Society Organizations and the private sector are also very important in the implementation of the SDGs.
As a way forward, Policy forum has pledged to collaborate with Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform for further SDGs training and PORALG in producing and distributing different policy documents and ensured to help in capacity building to key players in the government. Also, Designing tools that will facilitate tracking of the SDGs implementation within PORALG is important.

UNA Tanzania Secretary General, second from left side, together with APF representative, PORALG representatives, and Policy Forum representative during the launching of simplified Sustainable Development Goals book “SDGs implementation, follow up, and review in Tanzania 2017”

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